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Sadly, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we haven't been able to hold many in-person events lately, but are planning a couple events in the coming months that will go ahead if restrictions allow. In case of lockdown, we will do our best to give you a great experience on Zoom istead. The planned events include the following:

-- Octofest 2020 --

Join us 31 October on Zoom for an afternoon talk and a social evening.

We will start the day at 13:30 with a talk by Fr. Raphael from St. Andrew's Edinburgh. He will tell us all about Commemorating the Departed. The talk and Q&A session will finish at about 15:30 and then will will have a short break.

After the talk, we will resume at 16:00 with a virtual talent show. We al ready have people lined up to tell us about baking bread (very handy skill in these times!) and the art of making Koliva. If you would like to take an active part in the talent show, please mention it in the sign-up form and we weill do our best to find you a spot. All manner of ideas are welcome: music, puppet theatre, poetry recital... just let us know what you excel at! The talent show will conclude at 18:00 followed by another break.

The evening will bring a fun quiz and a competitive game of Countdown, starting at 18:30 and going on for about an hour, or longer if people are enjoyng themselves. Afterwards, we will finish the day with evening prayers at 20:00.

The application form will be ready shortly and posted here and also shared through our social media accounts. Looking forward to seeing you all!

-- Christmas Fellowship --

Head out with us to the Christmas markets to enjoy some ice-skating and a warm hearty meal afterwards (might include mulled wine). Fuzzy feelings of warmth and friendship are forecasted.

-- Youth Festival 2021 --

Come and join us for the bank holiday weekend of 28-31 May 2021 at the Othona Community by Bradwell-on-Sea and listen to great speakers talk about spiritual fatherhood.



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